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Ladybird Nursery Ltd, Ramsbottom

Excellent, Affordable childcare

for children ages 0 - 4 years

Now on 2 sites on Carr Street and Buchanan Street, Ramsbottom

Contact Us:

Buchanan Street (2-4) , Ramsbottom, BL0 9JF

Telephone: 01706 826 326

Carr Street (0-4), Ramsbottom, BL0 9AE

Telephone: 01706 828753

Mobile: 07871 956 836

Email: ladybirdnursery@hotmail.co.uk

Ofsted Report

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. They ensure that schools and colleges provide quality education and training for our youth.

The latest report for Buchanan Street from August 2017 can be viewed here

The latest report for Carr Street from March 2018 can be viewed here

Extract from the Buchanan Street report

 Summary of key findings for parents


 This provision is good

Strong partnerships with outside agencies are very effective in supporting individual children and their families. This is particularly evident for children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. Managers are pro-active in building relationships with health professionals so they can even more precisely meet children's learning needs. Children's health and well-being are highly prioritised. The nursery recently achieved a local award for effectively promoting children's health. Staff develop children's awareness of healthy eating and dental care. They encourage daily physical activity. Children have access to a superb range of resources throughout the nursery. As a result of additional training, managers have increased the amount of natural and open-ended resources. This helps children to choose their own, creative ways to play. Managers have established good methods of enhancing staff performance. Regular, effective supervisions and observations of teaching, help to identify staff training needs. Training is well matched in helping experienced staff develop their skills further.

Extract from the Carr Street report

 Summary of key findings for parents

 This provision is good

     The manager has high expectations for the nursery. She is organised and proactive in her approach. She leads a team of well-qualified, dedicated and long-serving staff. This helps to support children's emotional well-being. Children are happy and well settled. Partnerships with parents and other professionals involved in children's learning and care are well established. Staff regularly share information about children's learning and progress. This two-way flow of information supports children's continued good progress. The learning environments are warm, welcoming and attractively arranged. This supports children to make independent choices in their play. Children demonstrate high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. They enter enthusiastically and quickly settle at their chosen activity. Clear self-evaluation is in place and includes the views of parents, children and staff. This allows the manager to make changes that benefit children and their families the most. Staff are excellent role models who treat children with kindness and respect. Children behave well, have good manners and are kind and courteous.